SDRA School Horses


Anni is a 7 year old Norwegian Fjord mare who stands about 14.2 hands.  Anni has experience as a dressage horse and jumps too!


Anni and Daisy perfecting their working gates



This is Butters. She is an amazingly kind horse who is gentle and sensitive. Butters is a favorite among our students to take on a trail ride. She has a brisk walk and is brave and tolerant.


Dolly Flower

Dolly is an 11 year old quarter horse and fjord cross mare who has a lovely personality. She is about 14.2 hands tall and is a very gentle mare who loves people and free time in the pasture.



Emma is a 5 year old quarter pony who is just staring to do lessons. She is forward going and enjoys jumping.



Mikie is a sixteen year old appendix quarter horse who SDRA has had for about a year. Mikie is a good dressage horse and jumper who is nicely forward.



Mikey 2

Chris and Mikie working on riding with feel.


Louis is an amazing thoroughbred who is a super jumper. Fun and expressive Louis is reserved for advanced riders.

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