SDRA School Horses


Anni is a 7 year old Norwegian Fjord mare who stands about 14.2 hands.  Anni has experience as a dressage horse and jumps too!


Anni and Daisy perfecting their working gates

IMG_20170312_092643169 (1)


This is Butters. She is an amazingly kind horse who is gentle and sensitive. Butters is a favorite among our students to take on a trail ride. She has a brisk walk and is brave and tolerant.

Butters helping Barb perfect her canter transition


Dolly Flower

Dolly is an 11 year old quarter horse and fjord cross mare who has a lovely personality. She is about 14.2 hands tall and is a very gentle mare who loves people and free time in the pasture.



Emma is a 5 year old quarter pony who is just staring to do lessons. She is forward going and enjoys jumping.

Emma and Laura at South Coast Hunter/Jumper. This show is GSDHJA rated!


Hugo is a 12.3 hand Welsh pony who has been with SDRA for over two years. Hugo has an extensive show history at both county and USEF horse shows. Pony is a fun ride who can be playful. He loves turn out with Bill Murray.  Often you will see them running and playing together in the pasture.

Hugo an Sarah
Sarah and Hugo at Blenheim USEF A show


Mikie is a sixteen year old appendix quarter horse who SDRA has had for about a year. Mikie is a good dressage horse and jumper who is nicely forward.


Mikey 2

Chris and Mikie working on riding with feel.



Storm is an 11 year old paint gelding who loves to trail ride. His history includes trail riding, being a lesson horse, and all around good guy.


 Storm 2


French was a race horse until 2017when he was 11 years old. He is just getting started as a riding horse with about 6 months of training as a riding horse. French is reserved for only the most advanced SDRA riders who are interested in learning how to retrain a horse.



In addition to these horses we have several privately owned horses that we use for instruction.

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