Our school horses

Justin is a semi retired show pony who is ridden by small children and happily gives pony rides.

Butters is an older mare who is safe and kind. she is used for beginning riders. 

Dolly is a 13 year old quarter horse and fjord cross mare who has a lovely personality. She is about 14.2 hands tall and is a very gentle mare who loves people and free time in the pasture

Bubbles is a grade pony who came to us from a Texas auction. Bubbles is a clever pony who likes riders to use gentle hands and be direct in their requests!

Zadie came to us from a Texas auction. Zadie is fun to learn to canter on and is super on the trail.
Chili is a retired race horse who is used for more advanced riders. he is sweet, loving and fun to ride.
Sebastian is a barn favorite who is used for all levels. It’s a special day when you get to ride Sabi in your lesson.
Oakley is a young mare who came from Texas. She is ridden by advanced beginner and above riders. Oakley can be timid but is finding her confidence at SDRA.
Mia is a solid pinto pony mare. she has a strong personality and is brave.
Millie is an ex amish carriage horse. She was also a brood mare before coming to SDRA. Millie is forward going and is used for more advanced riders.
Louis is a Thoroughbred horse who is good at jumping. He is used for advanced riders.

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