Schooling Horse Show September 27, 2020

Hazy Meadow Ranch Schooling Horse Show

September 27th, 2020

Hazy Meadow Ranch

Lakeside CA

8am start

  1. lead Line walk. only
  2. Lead line walk trot one at a time
  3. Beginner Equitation
  4. Beginner Pleasure
  5. Beginner equitation pattern
  6. Advanced Beginner Equitation
  7. Advanced Beginner Pleasure
  8. Advanced Beginner Equitation Pattern
  9. Open Equitation
  10. Open Pleasure
  11. Open Equitation Pattern

20 minute break

  1. X rail Jumper Table IV
  2. X rail Jumper Table IV with jump off
  3. X rail Equitation over fences
  4. .65m Jumper Table IV
  5. .65m Jumper optimum time with Jump off
  6. 2’ Equitation over fences 
  7. .75m Jumper Table IV
  8. .75m Jumper Table IV with Jump off
  9.  2’3” Equitation over fences 
  10. Open Equitation Flat
  11. .85 Jumper 2IIb
  12. .85 Jumper III
  13. 2’6” equitation 
  14. .9 Jumper 2IIb
  15. .9 Jumper III

Class Descriptions:

  • Beginner classes walk and trot only
  • Advanced Beginner classes walk & trot in a group, canter one at a time 
  • Open classes walk trot &  canter all in a group
  • Equitation classes judged on seat, hands and ability to control the horse.
  • Pleasure classes judged on the horse’s ability to give a pleasurable ride.
  • Pattern classes are judged as an equitation class with adherence to pattern to count 75% and equitation 25%
  • Jumper classes are judged on jumping the course in the correct pattern. 4 faults for a knock down, 4 faults for a refusal or circle on course. Three refusals causes elimination
  • Jumper tables:
  • 2IIb Times first jump off
  • III timed first round
  • IV optimum time
  • No cross entry between beginner, advanced beginner and open classes.  Jumping riders may only compete in two consecutive height sections. For example you can enter x rails and .65m but not x-rails and .75m

$10 per class

$25 horse use non owners or lessors

$50 coaching/fee waived for lead line

$15 grounds fee